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Welcome to Left Hook Lovely!


I’m Nicole. Welcome to my new blog!

Before I jump into any nitty gritty posts, I’ll tell you a bit about myself.

I’ve been doing two things for as long as I can remember: writing and crafting. I’ve tried just about every craft in the book: sewing, drawing, painting, sculpting, jewelrymaking, papercrafts, weaving, and needlepoint, to name a few. Not all of them have been successful (never ask me to draw you anything. Ever.), but a handful have certainly stuck with me over time.

My main crafts are crochet (duh!), knitting, and cross-stitch, with some sewing mixed in. The notable thing about my crafting – and the inspiration for the name of this blog – is the fact that I am left-handed. Growing up a lefty in a right-handed world can be tough, especially if you enjoy doing things with your hands. For years, I longingly admired the crochet handiwork that the rest of the world could turn out – I eyed beautiful lace tablecloths made by my great-grandmothers, handmade scarves in all colors and textures, ridiculous hats, amigurumi, you name it. I couldn’t make any of it, because I couldn’t find a left-handed crocheter anywhere. Right-handed crocheters tried to teach me, only to give up about 15 minutes into the endeavor due to the dexterity language barrier.

So, I taught myself.

Thanks to YouTube, persistence, a healthy amount of knot-making and cutting (don’t scream too loud – I love untangling knots now, I almost never cut anymore), and a few curses tossed in, I finally managed to learn the basic crochet stitches. Now? You can’t stop me.

I am 100% fearless when it comes to crochet projects. I will jump into any pattern, any time, no matter how insane the stitch pattern looks. Why? Because crochet is so easy to fix. I screw up a lot, but I have no fear about it with crochet. I find it is quite possibly the easiest craft to fix after you’ve screwed up. Even if my screw-up is a few rows back, I typically don’t mind frogging and starting over. If it’s too far gone for that (rare, but it happens), I can still usually find a way to fudge it. If even THAT is unacceptable…well, isn’t that the charm of a handmade gift? 😉


My other passion is writing. I’ve been reading books and writing stories since before I can even remember. I’m fortunate enough to have a full-time writing job, and while the material is not always thrilling, it lets me write for money. One day, I hope to publish novels and plays. In the interim, I take my creative writing outlets where I can find them – like new blogs.

I have to warn you, I’m not always consistent in my blogging. I get distracted by life and the Internet (and arts and crafts!) and some things get shoved to the back of the line. But I promise to try my hardest to keep this up for as long as I can. I already have a sizeable list of post ideas I want to share, so that helps make sure I’ll stick to it this time. I hope you’ll stick with me.


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