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Grand Opening: My Etsy Shop!

Today’s the day! After weeks of indecision, fabric drooling, rotary cutter mishaps, planning, stitching, ironing, and hoping, it’s finally here! My Etsy shop is open!

I opened my Etsy shop to coordinate my love of fiber crafting with my love of sewing. Late last year, I decided to embark on an endeavor: selling my crochet pattern designs on Ravelry. I am constantly whipping up my own random designs as accessories for myself, and one day, my mother suggested that I start keeping track of the patterns, and maybe try to sell a few.

Deciding there was no good reason not to, I concurred! Then, I committed myself to a humongous Christmas gift that took forever to complete and totally slowed down my pattern designs. However, I am fully devoted to getting back on track with that post haste. In the meantime…Etsy!

You see, not only do I love making my own crochet designs, I love making my own crochet accessories. This includes my project bags! I’ve been sewing for years, both garments and accessories, and it is a craft that I truly enjoy (but not as much as yarn crafts because…well…there’s no yarn…). While I was whipping up a project bag for myself one day, the same voice asked the same question: you make these all the time for yourself, why not share your work with others? 

So! Without any further ado, I’d like to start sharing my project bags with you.


It’s been a definite learning process. Making handmade products to sell means making my twitchy-eyed crafter peace with the fact that every single one is going to be slightly different because they are, ahem, handmade. No bag will ever be absolutely perfect, and no two will ever be the same. As I’ve made bags, my whole process has gotten so much faster! I’m troubleshooting quicker, problem solving better on the fly, and overall, have improved my skills as a sewist.

I must say, my favorite part of making project bags might be choosing fabrics. There are just so many delightful options. Donuts! Kitties! Sushi! Anything you can dream of.


For now, I have a handful of bags in the shop in two sizes, large and medium. I predict it will be a bit of experimentation before I really nail down a consistent range of bag sizes and styles that I’d like to offer. If you are so inclined, I’d love for you to check out my Etsy shop. Starting small and on my own, any support is a big help.

Thanks, and happy crafting!



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