Hello, and thanks for stopping by! I’m Nicole. I’ve been crocheting for about seven years, knitting on and off for about nine (but I’m way better at crochet – like, way better), and arts-and-craftsing for as far back as I can recall. I am obsessed with yarny endeavors, and finally decided to take it to the next level. I recently began designing patterns on Ravelry, and am opening an Etsy shop very soon to sell handmade project bags for toting your WIPs everywhere you go (along with the occasional handmade needlework or crocheted accessory)!

To tell you a little more about myself, I’m a writer and a big nerd. I grew up in the country, and now I’m living a stone’s throw from Baltimore. I am assisted in all of my crafty adventures by my dog, Libby, and my cat, Webster. In my free time after work, I’m usually crafting, watching fiber podcasts, or reading! While I’m a big proponent of “for me” crafting, I always love giving handmade items to friends and family as gifts or just because. The joy that a one-of-a-kind creation can bring to someone else is a very special kind indeed.

As for the name of the blog, you ask? Simple:- I’m left-handed! I taught myself to crochet (with the help of YouTube) after nobody could figure out how to teach me backwards – and I’ve barely put a hook down since.

You can keep up with my pattern designs on Ravelry, see what I’m up to on Instagram, and please keep an eye out for the grand opening of my Etsy shop!